2nd time much better for the nerves

Anyone who is nervous about presenting and teaching… I can attest to the fact that the 2nd time doing it is much smoother. You feel more confident and the nerves are less on edge. I can actually sleep the night before a class now.

Also, you tweak your lessons and rearrange them to better fit your goals and objectives.

Yes, there is still lots of planning and reviewing but it is a much better experience and I’m sure next term will be even greater. So go out there and present a topic you are very knowledgeable about or sign up to teach a class. If I can do it then you most certainly can.


and the Fall Term begins…

Excited to start my next term teaching. I wasn’t AS nervous as the first time, but I did feel anxious. The most embarrassing first day though was on Monday. I have been fighting food poisoning and was sweating buckets through my whole class. At least I can laugh at myself.

I already feel more confident in the material I am presenting and have incorporated more tutorial time into the classroom.

I just hope that I can keep it interesting enough during the lecture parts. I would much rather be having them learn the programs and doing assignments.

Wish me luck!

Morning Flight by Andrew Forrester

Gosh I love Steam Punk!


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Coming to the End of Teaching

Ok I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed teaching my first college course after I got over the initial fright of the first two weeks. My class had a mix of Freshman-Juniors, 18-mid-twenty year olds, introverts and extroverts, go-getters and procrastinators. By the second half I knew exactly how I was going to approach the class in the Fall and change it up. We spent the second half working on teams doing real world assignments and we got to tour some really different design companies.

They did wonderful work and I am a proud professor.

Bring on Summer Break!

Vertical Horizon

This is a cool perspective and illusion. Once you realize what it is it is quite claustrophobic in nature.

V2 Photo 138 – ‘Made of Acorns’

This is a cool sculpture made of acorns.

Today's photo

Today’s image, a sculpture made of acorns, was taken at Burghley House in the Sculpture Gardens

Burghley House Sculpture Garden 038 contrast frame NR 50%

Photo © Nick Ritchie Photography 2015

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Women’s Retreat on an ISLAND


Some fabulous women I know through the Digital Social Media world are putting on the 2nd Annual

Live In Love Retreat

MAY 29 – 31, 2015

The Mastery of Self Love ~ Living on Purpose

About the Live in Love Retreat

Enter the safe and sacred space of your own heart in this unique three day, two night retreat on serene Sandy Island, Lake Winnipesaukee. Join an incredible group of devoted practitioners in the field of Wellness to help discover the you beneath what is NOT you.
It sounds a bit hippy dippy to me but I know Lani Voidvod and Kate Lemay, so I am pretty positive it will be lots of fun and relaxing, as well as reflective. I think women need to set aside time like this in order to regroup and set some new goals. We get so into our everyday lives and work that we sometimes lose ourselves and forget what is truly important.
If you sign up before April 1 it is $297. I’m really going to try to go this year. I hope I see some of you there also. #LILNH