Teaching Graphic Design 101

I thought I was legit going to end up in the hospital my first week teaching. I was panicked and over thinking everything. I was up till 4 a.m. both nights before the class, and had to function at my day job before going. So I basically survived the first week on power naps.

I was nervous as hell. The first day went fine except that I realized I must be talking faster than normal because I was plowing though what I had planned. The second day my lab was locked and forgot about a spare key I could access. So we started class in the break room across from our lab, until a professor with a key unlocked it for us. DUH!

The second week was good but the third week I am finally feeling calmer. I might even say I am enjoying it… can that be?


2 thoughts on “Teaching Graphic Design 101

  1. I am really enjoying these posts, it is great to see my classmates realizing their dreams and seeing the results of all the effort we all put into learning! Keep up the great work, I do hope you are relaxing today during the blizzard!

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