These are unbelievable!

It is amazing that these are not photographs!


Exciting developments

light illuminating

Sunset at Field

I have been reaching out of my comfort zone and it is paying off. I have been invited to teach again in the Fall at New Hampshire Institute of Art and to develop a Digital & Social Media course. Last week I was also approached to do a workshop for employees at New England College about social media. Both are very exciting for me and terrifying. Great energy.

On the horizon is some very exciting news that I can’t share just yet but I am feeling this is going to be my life’s passion to reach people and make a real difference in their lives. I have had my first team meeting and will get more information next week when we meet. It is what I have been looking to do in my life and I don’t need to move to a major city or different area of the country to make my mark.

More to come soon. Take care… and keep warm.

Snow Snow Go Away!!

I have too many things to get through for these classes I’m teaching and we had a storm last week that we missed a class and now the threatening storm for tomorrow!!

Thank you for the encouraging words!! I need them. Feeling optimistic in possibly designing my own class for next Fall. Before I was thinking there is no way I would do it, being so stressed out. But moving through the weeks I have a better sense of what I will need to prepare. So possibly. As long as I don’t get terrible reviews for teaching and they don’t want to ask me back. That would be awful… I don’t think I’m that bad for my first run.

NO SNOW!! or at least not till the end of the week.

Teaching Graphic Design 101

I thought I was legit going to end up in the hospital my first week teaching. I was panicked and over thinking everything. I was up till 4 a.m. both nights before the class, and had to function at my day job before going. So I basically survived the first week on power naps.

I was nervous as hell. The first day went fine except that I realized I must be talking faster than normal because I was plowing though what I had planned. The second day my lab was locked and forgot about a spare key I could access. So we started class in the break room across from our lab, until a professor with a key unlocked it for us. DUH!

The second week was good but the third week I am finally feeling calmer. I might even say I am enjoying it… can that be?

Class II Locked out of lab… Security is leave a message.

Kind of embarrassing that the head of the school came in to remind me there is a key to the lab if we get locked out. Oh, ya! I forgot about that. We got in from a professor who had a key. Lucky us, we only were having class in the break room for a little bit.

Other than being thrown out of sync, my PowerPoint wasn’t too horrible. I walked around and talked to the students. They participated (except for the few on their phones). Gee, I guess I have to post something about that.

I only stayed up till 3:30 a.m. panicking last night so I was refreshed with that extra 1/2 hour. Not really.

I have till next Wed. to REALLY get ahead of my fears…

Taught my first college class tonight!!

I survived! I was up till 4 a.m. worrying about not having the whole 16 weeks figured out. I knew I could have a rough idea and build it, but being the perfectionist that I am… stressed over it.

I was worried if I would have enough to talk about.
Worried that I would talk too much.
Worried that I would be boring.
Worried that I am not an expert.
Worried that I am not a totally gifted artist that I was going to be teaching.

I knew deep down it would be ok… and I just needed to get through this first class.

I am super excited. It is a great mix of people, full-time students carrying 5 courses! Part-time students who work during the day! and all different years. It is going to be great getting to know everyone.

Now I’m worried about knowing everyone’s names. Cuz everyone who knows me, knows I must have face blindness for names! and it doesn’t help that I am getting older.

Oh, and to save myself from a heart attack I dropped my Economics class. Maybe this summer I’ll take it.

End with the Start

So here I am with the last 2 classes in my MBA Digital & Social Media. The next class is actually the first one you are suppose to start with, but because it hasn’t been offered since I began, I am taking it at the end of my program. DUH! So it will mostly be a review of all the things I have already learned. I am sure I will learn something new because in this very rapidly changing online environment it is hard to keep up with all the changes.

I’m hoping to refresh my website, online portfolio, and do more blogging.

So, look for new entries as we move forward. Hope you all had a wonderful Summer… now get back to the books.

Take care.