Taught my first college class tonight!!

I survived! I was up till 4 a.m. worrying about not having the whole 16 weeks figured out. I knew I could have a rough idea and build it, but being the perfectionist that I am… stressed over it.

I was worried if I would have enough to talk about.
Worried that I would talk too much.
Worried that I would be boring.
Worried that I am not an expert.
Worried that I am not a totally gifted artist that I was going to be teaching.

I knew deep down it would be ok… and I just needed to get through this first class.

I am super excited. It is a great mix of people, full-time students carrying 5 courses! Part-time students who work during the day! and all different years. It is going to be great getting to know everyone.

Now I’m worried about knowing everyone’s names. Cuz everyone who knows me, knows I must have face blindness for names! and it doesn’t help that I am getting older.

Oh, and to save myself from a heart attack I dropped my Economics class. Maybe this summer I’ll take it.


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