Developing a look for the customer

It’s really difficult working only in the evenings and weekends on design projects for a client. The key is to keep the communication flowing. Usually, I wouldn’t show the client all the different ideas but would present my top 3. In this case I am working closely with my friend because I want to make sure we capture what she is looking for. She has been thinking of new and different things along the way too so that has influenced my designs.  These were the second phase of ideas I played with. Fonts, colors, pine cones, etc. It’s fun to see the process. We also played around with shapes and images for posters, signs, postcards, etc.

And if you are wondering where my videos might be… my editing tool disappeared from my desktop. I have some evil virus… so advice to remember, always backup important work.

table chairs Maiandra Sakkal Majalla


3 thoughts on “Developing a look for the customer

  1. Hi Heidi, I like the oval logos but I think the text should be stronger so that it will hold up when the logo is small. I took the liberty of editing your file, but I don’t think I can insert it here. I will try to find your email address!

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