Research: Fun, Inspiring, and Social

Research: Fun, Inspiring, and Social

inspiration from the past

Old medicinal bottles with labels.

It drives me nuts when people jump into a new venture all by themselves with no business plan or real thought about a logo or how they even want to be viewed. Even the thought of, “Who is my customer?” would be a better plan than nothing. But it happens around me all the time.

I’m happy to report that my friend who has made and sold soaps at craft fairs and dabbled in online sales for a few years has decided to go-it full-time. (Partially pushed because of the economy and being laid off.) AND SHE IS approaching it as an opportunity to really create a brand for herself.

I was so excited that she asked me to help her in this process. Her soaps being wonderful, her creative spirit and her background in sales I know she is going to do fantastic. But also, she is building up a strong base of farmers markets, small gift shops, distributors, and creating a more online presence.

We met on Sunday to go over her ideas, plans and to look over what she has for products and events coming up. She wants her display to be intriguing and inviting to capture her look. We then decided that it was RESEARCH TIME!!! The part I feel really inspires you and gets your creative juices flowing. We hit all the big antique spots in the area;


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