Getting businesses to understand Social Media

ImageGood luck and back it up with some strong statistics. Have a great PowerPoint or Slideshare ready to present. Then go burn some sage, light some candles and say a prayer. It’s not easy. Even when you work for a business that their audience is high school students who know social media, doesn’t mean that the “suits” will get it.

Persevere. Try to get some influential people to maybe listen to your presentation. Maybe having some strength behind you might help, especially if you are a worker bee with no clout. It’s not shameful to build your troops. 

It might take time. You might have to build small campaigns, sell those, show the results through your analytics and then build from there. You might have to bide time until the changing of the guards of management until there are people who understand what you are trying to do when it comes to social media.

Worse case or best case scenario is that you outgrow the place and move on to a place that appreciates your forethought and expertise and you can prove yourself in a more open environment.

Good luck.


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