Christine Szelog on New England College

My friend Christine made this film for her editing class this past Spring. We just got it approved to put on our YouTube Channel.

Today I attended the last Manchester Chamber Digital Social Series that they had, presented by Grape Vine Marketing The theme was videos and imagery and how it will always boost the amount of clicks and will also keep people on your website 2 min. longer on average!

Melissa talked about when videotaping there are a few things to remember.

1. Set up a staging area. It can be just a corner, think of your background (not too busy or plain), couple of chairs, little table maybe in the middle, etc.

2. Use an external mike for important videos. The more casual ones don’t need them.

3. Don’t talk slow or too fast. A nice medium pace so people can follow you.

4. Be more animated and upbeat than you normally are to make it interesting. Have a personality on video.

Heidi’s additional #5 is from working for a professional photographer, you need to have proper lighting. Don’t put bright lights on you. You don’t want bright lights or bright window behind you or you will just be a silhouette. Try to have some even lighting.

She had some good ideas of taking longer topics and break them up into smaller sizes so that you can spread them around and use them at different points. Always put them on YouTube first, copy the code and put it on your website, have links in your emails, e-newsletters and list them on your web for people to learn more.

YouTube has a huge library of licensed music to use when editing a video.

Melissa warned everyone about taking images from the web and music. The images are electronic watermarked and you will find a bill in your mailbox for using their images.

Some other stats she shared:
60% of video watchers are consumers watching product videos.
52% say they are confident in the product after watching it.
174% more likely to buy after viewing a video.

Last helpful hint… use those QR codes to get someone to watch the video that would tell about your business as if they walked in your door. Make it authentic, drop the typical buzz words and marketing ploys.

Tootles Till Next Time… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Christine Szelog on New England College

  1. Thanks for this. I’m definitely not a video whiz. I’ve taken some short videos for the Fellowship client, posted them to YouTube and linked to them from our website. Really had no clue what I was doing until I just jumped right in and tried it. Usually our videos are candids of our services, featuring music or portions of the sermon with shots of the audience. The lighting and sound have not been great, but we have very limited equipment with which to work. I may need to invest in some small video-taking equipment for the future. Had no idea about the free music available on YouTube! Thanks for that tip.

    • You were right to just jump in and do it. The best way to learn is by doing and then just learn from there. If you never tried it and just read about it you still would have to go through the learning curve. You can always get better equipment as you can. Ask around. You’d be surprised at the stuff people have from past passions, hobbies, etc. that they could lend you.

    • Thanks. I think I do better when I don’t have a lot of time, i.e. being sick in this instance. I should just set the clock and say get the thought out and then stop. LOL

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