passing up fun yesterday

passing up fun yesterday

Poster my friend, designer, guitarist, singer made for the anniversary show to raise money for the famous GG Allin’s daughter.

Yesterday I had to motivate my sweet, little, queen mum-in-law (she really does look like the queen or her sister) into packing some belongings and sorting through what she is taking to her apartment come July 24th! Being 88 and never changing anything in her house since she built it and moved in 50 years ago, she is not realizing how much work is involved in moving. She is more concerned about touching up paint on the handrail outside, planting seed on the one patch of a vast lawn that has never grown grass, than utilizing her son and I for the big picture of getting things DONE when we are only there one day a week! UGH!

“Oh, I’m all ready to move, there really isn’t anything else I can do.” Was the breaking point of trying to not show that I was getting upset.

Once I explained how much work there was to do and what little time we had, I asked her if we could tackle a room. She allowed me to pack up the kitchen. Most went to the church, some was packed for my daughter of family dishes that are probably over 100 years old, and then we left a shelf for what she will be bringing with her and what she is using. WOW!!! If felt good to do something after 2 hours of put-zing around trying to do something.

I have resolved the fact that even though she is excited to be moving into an independent living apartment to have plans and do things… this is going to be a tough few weeks emotionally for her. Anyone who has gone through this will know. For anyone trying to motivate a move will also realize how maddening it can be.

Unfortunately, I missed supporting my friends’ band, The Jabbers. Classic Punk Rock from the 80’s. They are from Manchester, NH and are known around the world as having a huge impact on early Punk. Super fun band to see. They will be playing again with another local legend Jonee Earthquake on Aug. 24 at The Shaskeen Pub 8:30pm/ FREE (I love the theme of 33 1/3rd anniversary party.)

I will have my mum-in-law moved in and I plan to celebrate hard at this event. Come by and visit!


2 thoughts on “passing up fun yesterday

  1. Last night I went over the list of utilities and such that she needs to call this week and give the shut off dates. She wrote it down and said, “Well, I guess thats, that. I guess it’s a done deal that I am moving.” I think she’s been stalling a bit thinking that it really isn’t happening. She’s sweet.

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