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It’s hard to believe I’m not uploading this at the witching hour. But here I am getting ready for another work week and putting some extra time into my final. Hard to believe this class is over. I truly wish it was a 14 wk course. I feel like we are all getting to know each other and then it’s over. I hope you are all in some of my upcoming courses.

Even though none of the articles we read for this were from 2013 I thought it was a great peak back into what the experts were right about and what they might have been off with. Image

I really think the 10 ways geolocation is changing the world, and Marketers opine on the state of geolocation in 2011 by Aaron Strout,, were dead on. It’s amazing how much this is integrated into almost all new apps that are coming out and it is so important to people. It really is connecting like minded souls.People want to know what their friends recommend and want to feel connections with a group of individuals. I believe that social networks are actually helping people in this workaholic society to discover each other on their down time, instead of being alone in this world hoping to bump into like-minded friends. I never heard of Lacavoures who only eat foods that are grown/raised in a 100 mile radius. There’s a group of people that without social media would have a hard time finding each other. Amazing times. Globally, we are all going to be connected even more so. We have to rethink our marketing and be open to some new possibilities. As Aaron stated “Brands are tied to location.” We need to connect to our communities more. We are all in this together.

Jan Chipchase TEDx on mobile phones in our lives, was eye opening for her research finding that on the higher arckey of needs that mobile phones are ranked in the Survival section. When we list the top 3 things we don’t leave home without: Keys, money and mobile phone. I loved  learning about how with 799 million users of mobile phones are illiterate how villages utilize what they have and divvy out duties to help one another. The phone becomes an ATM to help small independent businesses thrive. That your identity can be your phone number instead of your address like it is becoming for businesses in other countries is also an interesting notion. Here in the US it is like your web page.


Which leads right into David Armano’s blog posting, The future is not about mobile: and how mobility changes with context. We have to think globally and how others are using these technologies. There were 1 Billion smart phone users in China just last year. Launching mobile sites is easy but maintaining and engaging the people that use the technology is the real challenge.

It is amazing to see how in one year how major cities can change to be top cities for mobile shopping. The infographic on mobile shopping:, shows that the top cities are: Houston, Seattle, San Francisco, LA and New York. Seattle the hub of all new and upcoming electronics was bumped down in just one year. Houston being as big as it is will probably remain dominate as long as the businesses realize what they are doing is needing to continue and grow.

I do not agree with Interview with Foursquare’s chief revenue officer, by Mark Walsh of last year. I think Foursquare lost out to more advanced check-ins that maybe took their model and ran with it. People enjoyed the newness of being part of that community but it was hard to maintain it. In small towns it never took off because small mom & pop businesses and medium sized ones didn’t know what it was or how it could be used to promote them. I saw this in Henniker when NEC tried for 3 years and we finally dropped it this year. So whatever they had implemented last year did not do anything different that we saw. I think they needed to do more outreach to chambers of commerce to educate and promote. Steve Rosenblatt didn’t even answer the question that was posed to him about small businesses. Now with Google+ and Facebook having check-in capabilities I think this company is going into the “has been” category.

Speaking of which, the blog post discussing why GroupOn is dying, Pitching Daily Deal, by Christopher Wallace last year also talked about the problems with GroupOn. He’s got it right. I had to interview my husband to get the scoop on his take… He’s my “Coupon Cupid, Shooting Savings at Me!!” He uses all these sites, researches, plots out his store hits for the best prices to use with his coupons, has it all meticulously organized… it’s hilarious!! But MAN does he save us money. Anyways, he said that he doesn’t like GroupOn as much because all the businesses are flocking away from them. The examples in the article are that they over charge by taking 40% of the already discounted price. Many businesses are finding alternative ways to promote themselves through text coupons, online coupons, and E-newsletters with discounts. My husband likes more local companies that have sprouted up because they are connecting with more centrally located businesses. Around NH he likes Couptopia and LivingSocial

The bottom line is that mobile marketing is ever changing and encompassing even more and more people and communities. You need to have goals and strategies to implement. Intigrate your goals with mobility. You don’t need to jump on the app bandwagon but if you do, make it have geolocation, and have it connect with Facebook and Google+ at least. The future is going to be asynchronous in that whatever you are into will be integrated into the apps you use so that you can be geo-targeted to places that your like-minded friends go to and suggest. If you have never seen the movie, Minority Report, or even if you have. Watch it again. I remember watching it in 2002 and being soooooo excited to see how they envisioned direct marketing!! I think they got it right. Now I think it’s even better and is going to be even cooler.


2 thoughts on “Mobile Marketing

  1. This course HAS been great, hasn’t it? I feel like I have so much more rattling around in my head, ready to take a flying leap off a note pad and onto internet marketing greatness! Our fellow students are awesome too. Hopefully we’ll all meet again, but thanks to technology, we can at least stay in touch and continue to support each others’ pursuits.

    Speaking of staying in touch, you mentioned how social networking can bring people together. Since moving back to my hometown a couple months ago, I had to find a new group of “friends.” I am a bit “fringe” I guess. I’m a granola, natural, tree-hugging mom and not a lot of people around here really support my child-rearing style. I wear my babe, breastfed her well over 1 year, used cloth diapers, co-slept for a while, don’t vaccinate (GASP!!!), etc, etc. So I reached out to the internet to find some like-minded moms. Low-and-behold, there are some right here in my community!! There are four. Ha ha. Well, I’m sure there are more, but there are FOUR I have found that want to “hang out” with me, and allow their kiddos to play with mine. It’s wonderful! We have put together our own little support-slash-playgroup and it has been so great. I may never have found these ladies otherwise, because we have no real-life work or social connections (except for one whom I met through my parents’ church).

    I love social media. ❤

  2. I’m so happy that you found some like minded parents. It can feel lonely out there. I was the outcast in our old cookie cutter neighborhood because we weren’t always trying to keep up with our neighbors, we didn’t mow our lawn every wkend at the crack of dawn, we didn’t helicopter parent, nor gossip. We moved out into the woods of Deering and love our neighbors now.

    My son has Neurofibromatosis and part of his complications is that he has trouble reading social ques. He is incredibly intelligent and is in college for game design. His real friends and companions are all online. He has real connections with them and they appreciate him. He now has friends that he calls and he is always on call for them to help them through tough times. Anyone who says the internet doesn’t connect people and that they are not real relationships do not understand how vital it is for some people who really feel alone in this world.

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