Yelp! I’m Luv’n It!

Yelp! I'm Luv'n It!

So I’m having a GREAT time on Yelp! getting use to it and building my ratings. It’s so fun! I want to really understand it and then I’m going to build a home for New England College.

I checked the Google+ standing of NEC for College’s in NH and we were right at the top. I had built a site for them pretty quickly when Google+ started. Glad I did.

Pinterest we had a Grad bulletin board but I really need to step it up. Our undergrad student ambassador worked on the Pinterst board and it is looking really nice.

YouTube I have to work on some images and update the graduation ceremony and put the images from the New England Narrative Conference from Friday.

I try to do audits of all my sites quarterly to see how we are doing and what works and doesn’t. Then I try to plan some new things. The Twitter audit I did this week for class showed of my last Grad 20 Tweets: 3 @, 3 retweets, 6 self promotions, Is that ok? They didn’t really say what the ratio should be. On my personal Twitter account: 13 @, 3 retweets, 3 self promos.

As I’ve mentioned before I buy the low version of Hootsuite at $10 a month for use at work to organize and schedule the events that are coming up. I do try to mix them up some with different accounts. Then I mix it up with personal random things that I post here and there when I come across them or feel like it. I think that keeps it less stale. I want to make it more interactive. I’ve tried surveys and questions. My new thing which I’ve included you guys in on is my #FridayQuote. People are starting to respond to it and I was happy to hear that Facebook is starting the hash tag thing. Then Google has the + so I’m going to start posting it that way too.

I hooked up the MoZBar and love it. I was going into this ancient way to get stats and this is much easier and cooler. Thanks. When I took a SEO course through UNH it was right at 2011 and the professor was right in step with all the new changes that were coming through with Google. I was happy to have used that information at NEC to stop a company that was hired to build our Google rating from selling our link to a bunch of spamming sites.

My plan for the new website that is being put together for NEC is to clean up all the text heavy content, make sure our titles and content are well defined, and REALLY work on connecting to our wonderful faculties blogs, research documents, etc and have them link back to us on their sites.

I’m really excited for the future of search engines making things more personable. I think that is one way that NEC might finally rise to the top and be noticed for who we are.


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