I’m not just an employee, I’m also an Alum

I’m not just an employee, I’m also an Alum

My department is in transition. I will be moving  from admission to advancement to work with the new PR person, Dia and the new VP of advancement and marketing, Morgan. I will be the graphic designer, web manager and social media piece to our little marketing department. I’m really looking forward to working with these ladies. They have some great ideas and I won’t feel like I’m in a sea by myself trying to convince people who are not in marketing that what I am doing is important. We already have a long list of “To Do” and “Dreams” for getting the word out about our little college that is tucked in the middle of nowhere, that has amazing professors and staff who really care about these young adults and professionals who enroll at New England College.

Our first endeavor as a little team (even though I’m not officially moved over there yet and we just were given the capabilities to work on it just a couple weeks ago) was the first NE Narrative Conference that happened this past Friday. I had gotten the web page up and running a couple months ago but had not been involved in it after that. I created posts on the social media outlets. We are looking forward to doing everything earlier and planned out more for these things. Sign up on campus earlier, web front landing page up earlier with links, news feed, Feature story, etc. But the main thing that I want to do for the participants of these kinds of activities is connect with the speakers and at least link their names to a web page and blog, get a headshot, and ask them to mention them coming to whatever event it is and link to our website. 

I unfortunately, just didn’t have the time to pull that together for this event. But I did reach out to one of the participants to provide a quote for my #FridayQuote, They either didn’t get the request in time or didn’t have time to send one. BUT I’m happy to have decided to create a hash tag to try to get people talking about the event. The coordinators printed it and we posted it on the main site the day of the event. I wasn’t there in the morning to announce it and promote it but I’m happy to say that I had 3 people post to it!! MY FIRST hash tag!! How exciting. I’m going to still try to get people to talk about it through that #. I’ll post the image after. Sorry I didn’t know I couldn’t attach it somehow to this.

I have a bunch more # ready for some other events coming up.




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