Yesterdays Digital Social Event at Manchester Chamber

Quick post to say hello! Hope you are all doing well. I can’t believe we have our Final in hand! CRAZY… that’s all I’m saying. I wish this class was all summer long… 

Anyways, yesterday the Manchester Chamber had their 2nd Summer Social Series event. Full house again. The topic was Defending Your Business Reputation Online. Boy did this bring out some companies who are in panic mode. (Side note: We are going to be able to help soooo many of these medium sized places.) 

The speaker was James Basbas from Altos Marketing who presented how review websites, such as Yelp, can sometimes cause problems for businesses. James taught us how to handle bad reviews so that your business can continue to succeed. Basically, don’t over react, reflect what happened, what can be improved and then reach out to them thanking them for anything possitive they said and tell them what you have done to prevent it and offer to make it right. James had statistics and basically you don’t want to NOT to something. Lunch was provided by 900 Degrees and was great as usual.

Here is the presentation with all the stats. With all the different review sites it comes down to the top 3 players; YELP!, Google+ (because they are the largest search engine it’s going to grow more and more), and TripAdvisor. But you should analyse your Google Analytics to see what is driving your traffic and see if there is something popular in your area or industry that is important enough to track. People are going to talk and share so get on, create your company, look at all the tools these sites have to help promote yourself. Yelp! has tons of premade stuff for you to download and use. You can’t beat that.

“When angry, count four; when very angry, swear.” – Pudd’nhead Wilson from Mark Twain


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