The Digital Law

One more thing… There was this lawyer, Cameron Shilling who’s company McLane, is sponsoring this Digital Summer Series. He was very interesting. He gave hand outs about forms you should create for “intellectual property agreements and information use policies you should create that expressly encompass social media.” He was saying that because all of this social media is so new companies haven’t had to deal with some of the problems that are popping up now. He gave examples of personal accounts created for a business, money and time spent growing a social site and then the employee leaving to venture out on his own and they take all your contacts and makes them their own. Or they leave under bad terms and bad mouth you online through your site. Lots of things to think about. It’s exciting being involved in such a new emerging industry to be able to take part in some of these developments.


One thought on “The Digital Law

  1. Wow, I never considered an employee snatching my contacts or bad-mouthing me online later. Yikes! I am about to hire my first employee and am glad I read about this now. Thanks!

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