Mushroom Field Video Spores More Social Media

SHARING MOMENT: I received this nice compliment on one of my videos I made from a professor. I am excited to work with her to create this video blog with her class and then promote it on our social networks and on our website. How exciting. I want to work with professors and directors of departments to be able to show students what a great place NEC is.

” I have to tell you that I have your link to the  mushroom video at FB.   It profoundly heals my soul to watch it and reminds me what is important in life.  I am very grateful that you made it.  I teach the course next fall and will develop a problem based approach where students highlight college wood and develop content for the trail system.  I am thinking of having students develop podcasts that are at the NEC webpage so students and public can down load mp3s before taking a walk in the woods.  Might you have some expertise in the technology such that you could help? It is not something I have done.”

Here is the link to our video I made:


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