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ImageNew England College FOCUS: ADMISSIONS has some hybrid of AIDA through 3rd parties for their Undergrad and fragmented hybrid for their Graduate programs.

A Broadcast:  NEC’s Graduate main campus  uses Pay-Per-Click ads in Facebook, LinkedIn and on some websites like NHPR, WMUR,, etc. There are e-postcards, announcements, etc. on their Facebook pages, Twitter, and  LinkedIn that when they click it will bring them to a web landing page. The videos have a button to click on to learn more about New England College and brings them to the website. Undergrad There is very little in-house done. It is farmed out to a company that does outreach through direct mail and email. They buy online ads on college recruitment sites.

SUGGESTION: Grad: Landing pages should not just be bringing them to a page about the program but should be designed specifically to continue the message. Undergrad: They need to do more social media advertising/marketing  because that is where the students are. They need to connect with the directors of each program and convey the excitement that the professors and students have for New England College and be creative. BOTH: Need TV advertising, larger publication advertising, a real serious marketing plan and budget.

The companies that we hire to manage our M.S. in Management online degrees and our online undergraduate, and Principal Certification do their own marketing on Facebook, listings, and they have Google Ads. We are shown their marketing strategy and just approve the messaging.

I Social: Grad: NEC has created a form that is connected to our main system that people can click on for more information about a program. This link is on every page of programs at the top left hand corner. They FAIL by having their social media links at the bottom of each of their program pages, except for “Contact Graduate Admission” page. This is partly due to the old website design, the new one should be more efficient. They have some of the links attached to their email addresses (admission counselors only).

Undergrad: Admission has one page where you can find how to connect to social media sites.

SUGGESTION: Grad: The more information and Enroll  link should be a button to stand out. In a perfect world they would have someone pop up in a window to ask if they can help. (Though I find that annoying when I go to a site.) Everyone in the grad department should have the social media links on their email signatures. The main NEC webpage has a RED Inquire and Apply button at the top but it is only for Undergrad. It needs to allow for Graduates to access this also. Undergrad: Once the new website is up hopefully there will be a prominent spot for the social media to be seen and engage people. BOTH:  Professors who have blogs and other social media accounts related to their classes, as well as any articles that they appear in, need to be linked and easy to find on the website. When emails are sent out to students who have an interest those subjects they need to have links to these sites to get students excited about the programs at NEC.

D Recommendation: Grad: Summer Institute creates a brochure with new courses and workshops that will be offered to teachers. There is a graduate brochure that talks about NEC’s programs. One Sheets are explanations of specific programs and what they offer. All these things are also available in print, online and electronically to email to people. The MFA in Poetry creates a brochure that has bios on the professors. Email letters are sent out about programs and new offerings. On the One Sheets there is a listing of accomplishments and recognitions that NEC has received from different organizations.

Undergrad: Brochures and information sheets are available online, physically mailed and distributed at college fairs. They have a new interactive view book APP that they have on iPads when the counselors are on the road. They are also located in the waiting room of admissions for students to explore. At the end of it the students can fill out a form to receive more information.

SUGGESTIONS:BOTH: It would be great to have a brochure for each program. If each director created a newsletter or blog about the industry that they run would be really helpful to have these linked on the website and to distribute to potential students. They need a strategic plan to make sure at a certain step that the View Book App is sent by 3rd party companies that they hire to connect with students. The recognitions should be on the grad and undergrad web pages so that people can see how well NEC is doing.

A Search: The action at the end is when counselors connect back and forth with the student who has connected with New England College. Even though the undergraduates have rolling admissions there is still a start date for classes. Students are urged to finish getting the required materials in and are reminded quite often when it is getting closer to the start. The counselors connect students to Financial Aid to discuss how to go through the FASFA process. There is the celebratory congratulations emails and mailings that go out. There is the orientations to get students excited for Undergrad.

The Undergraduate Admission has events throughout the year that show students the campus, meet with professors, coaches, and students. There are accepted student days to meet other classmates that you can connect with. All these events have postcards and emails that are sent to encourage discovering NEC and applying. The Undergrads have many years of perfecting this process and they tweak it to improve on it. The Graduate department is in it’s infancy and needs to create and implement more information sessions for specific programs and design a way to get more people excited to be part of the NEC tradition.



2 thoughts on “AIDA Wk 3 blog

  1. That is a NEAT infographic. How is NEC utilizing it?
    I found NEC to be very easy to work with, both in the “shopping” phase (speaking with admissions), to signing up and working with the financial aid office, and even the IT department. They treat me like a valued student. My advisors have been great, too! Everyone seems to have answers, or know who does. This is so important to me… To be able to have my questions answered quickly and easily. I actually withdrew from another grad school before because the instructors and administrative people were so terrible at their jobs. It was a real mess, and I was so disappointed. I felt as though I had failed at grad school (though I didnt get bad grades). It was just a very frustrating experience. After talking with the people at NEC, I realized it wasn’t me, but my previous school. My experience at NEC has been so much better because everything is so well organized and I can tell the employees enjoy their jobs.
    Your blog design is beautiful and easy to read, by the way. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! We really try but sometimes being a small school we feel like we are struggling against the tide. Would I be allowed to use your comments in some marketing if need be? These are some of the things we are trying to promote why NEC is different from other schools. We haven’t turned into a big corporation.

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