Best Viral Campaigns

Best Viral Campaigns

This is a fun thing to go through and read the descriptions under some of the viral campaigns you might not know about. I really liked the Elf Yourself campaign. My friends all did it and sent it off to all our other friends. It was hilarious. You put faces of yourself and friends on elves who then danced and rapped. I also really liked the Ikea idea because it engaged the customer with a staged room filled with the products and having them click and identify them on Facebook in order to win it.

Pepsi and Target had a contest to help non-profit groups raise money. People submitted entries and then people visited the sites to vote on who they thought should get the money. 

All of these ads except maybe the Blender ad I think had a full marketing plan that included social media. There was even talk that the Dark Knight might not have been considered successful because of the incredible cost to create the game to get people engaged with the hype of the movie. But it was the #1 in the box office so I think if it reached it’s goal it was.

As our weekly reading about Viral marketing indicated it must be built into the plan and even then the probability of it going viral is less than winning the lottery due to many factors. Your chances increase by building social influence. This article has some good lessons about that.

Hootsuite has some great webinars and advice to help build your social presence. Here is one for CEOs

Post-a-Quote: “The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” -Moliere


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