Social Media Revolution video for week 2

E-mail is dead for college students: AGREEImage
NEC undergrad students have tuned out of their emails since I’ve been here for 3 years. I post events on Facebook now if I want students to see them.

The Ford Explorer Launch on FB generated more traffic than a Super Bowl Ad 
Proving that you are reaching more people digitally.

Social gamers will buy $6 billion in virtual goods by 2013
This makes me just wish that NEC would have participated in the first virtual college fair. We would have designed virtual give-a-ways for the students to go around and collect.  I think it would have been something cool to be part of and experience.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine
I have grown the Admission’s YouTube site up with videos made from images and music but I really want to get students involved with making videos around campus and at events.

97% of Pinterst users are women
I have put a few images up on this site but I really need to post more. TIME… I’m hourly and I work way over my 35 hour week. I check the SM sites on weekends and on vacation… SM is not a 8:30-4:30 job. I really should be salaried.

You better like what people are saying about your brand.
AND watching! AND responding! It’s important to apologize and try to correct a wrong. When we announced Kelly Ayotte was speaking I uploaded the unofficial image I was given. People started posting negative comments. I was then sent the official image that I needed to replace. It seemed like FB was going to let me replace it but instead it deleted everything. There were only 2 posts at that time. The one person, who was an alumni blasted that NEC was censoring him and that wasn’t the NEC he attended. I apologized RIGHT AWAY and explained what happened. 

 If 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations then we should be engaging our current students and alumni more on SM.


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