Part II

Being from a small college we are very scrappy when it comes to small budgets. We really gauge what works in our marketing so we can get the most out of the money we have to work with. My director is excited that I’m in the Digital & Social Media MBA because it will fit perfectly into what we are trying to accomplish. After finally finishing my Bachelor’s (I have 2 Associates), my boss got me this great book, Guerrilla Social Media Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson and Shane Gibson.

The first chapter I read this afternoon and it confirmed that most social media marketing has it wrong. There are two different groups; the techie guys who have all the tools to attract large numbers but they don’t know what to do with them once they have them. Then the second group are traditional marketing companies and they want to control the branding with big budget advertising and high end videos. When it’s really about leadership and engagement to add value to the community and build a trusting relationship.

I’m looking forward to reading this book and all the 8 million articles I’ve printed in the past couple years that I haven’t finished going through. (Though now many are probably out dated.) TIM……. BER!!!!!!


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