Where to start

Where to Start

After a very cold and rain filled day of BBQ testing for a professor/neighbor/friend I have returned, taken a nap and am now in my flannels with the pellet stove going and a pot of coffee to help me revive from my pork hangover. Now to get down to brass tacks.

New England College (NEC), small liberal arts college in the not convenient, only Henniker on Earth. Trying to distinguish themselves in the midst of a really bad economy and make improvements to be more competitive to the on-campus undergrads and grow the graduate programs.

When I came to the Office of Admission three years ago the school had a Facebook page but didn’t use it. My main focus was to do some inhouse design work and start tracking advertising that we did. This job of Communication Coordinator has grown to include much more. My focus is on our social media involvement and a plan of what we might do as we move forward. My ideas and suggestions will only go as far as the older board members/administration can understand what is needed to compete in this digital age. I am proud to say I went to a social media event in Boston for colleges and for our size we were well ahead of the curve for actually doing things. That made me proud… but man there is so much more to do and I’m just one person who has other responsibilities too.

The main social media presence of NEC:

Main page^ (May 25)
Admission^ (Undergrad) (May 25)
New England College School of Graduate and Professional Studies*^(Please link and Like Us) (May 25)
Class of Sub-pages (Invite only) Student Ambassador and Student Affairs posts
 Athletics (May 23)
Art Gallery (May 16)
some clubs,
NEC Advancement (May 23)
NEC NewEnglander (newspaper) (May 11) I friend requested months ago and I’m still waiting.
NEC Outreach*^ (to connect the community) (May 25)
New England College Rugby Alumni (May 9)
New England Narrative Conference (March 29)
*Pages that I created ^pages I regularly post on

Since I started I wanted to create a guide to help clubs, teams, organizations and departments on campus create a Facebook page. The woman who was in charge of PR did not understand social media at all and didn’t want to allow anyone to create anything under NEC. She’s gone. The new PR person understands we should have guidelines but I still think there is a “ruling” idea about social media. The problem is that these groups who want to do it are doing it and there are no guidelines still to help NEC guide what is inevitable to occur in a social world where people want to share and promote their groups. I sometimes feel like I’ve done the research and have the examples but I am a worker bee whom no one recognizes nor hears. I’m hoping with all of this I can pull it all together for a thesis that someone will finally understand.


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