Repeat from Blackboard… introduction;

My friend Dave’s Photo Blog where some of my photos are also featured:

Hi Everyone-

I’m Heidi Page, from little Deering, NH which is right next to Henniker. I am the Communication Coordinator for Grad and Undergrad Admission. My job is mostly graphic design work for postcards, brochures, forms, in-house advertising, some newspaper and magazine advertising, with electronic versions of these for emails and social media postings. I love my job because it’s crazy and different every day. Because I’m doing a million different things at once I am trying to learn ways to make my life easier. I use Hootsuite for managing my social media postings, Animoto to create slideshows to music to post on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. I am also the web content manager for the admission’s department.  I’ve taken an SEO online course to help when we are building new pages and I am SOOOO looking forward to the new website we are getting sometime this summer.

The reason I was hired for this position was my organizational skills and ability to track my advertising efforts to see what was worth spending money on. Providing in-house design saved the school money and allowed me to help capture the Director’s needs. My goal is to take my background in graphic design and photography to grow even more with my analytic abilities. I’m not real comfortable with Twitter and want to understand it better. I want to really fold out some strategic goals for social media and see the results. Separating the Undergrad and Grad sides of things is something I want to define better. I enjoy learning new things and growing what I already know. My only fear is with blogging. I’m not a writer and I know it is important to linking social media with your website through blogging. I have wanted to work with department heads to start blogs so that we can tap into their expertise and get students to see why they should come to NEC, but I don’t know how my own blog could help with my path. I am willing to try and if not for the experience to then show others how to do it.

I am looking forward to utilizing what I’m going to be learning in this class.



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