Here we go…

Having no idea if the design I chose and the info I uploaded will stick to this first post. Fingers crossed.

I hope to share some art of others and my own on this blog. I will also be learning more about blogging with my first MBA for Digital & Social Media class, Digital Marketing & Brand Development at New England College.

Did anyone see the article in the Concord Monitor about the commencement speaker at NEC this weekend?


5 thoughts on “Here we go…

  1. Hi Heidi, I did see the feature of the girl that was opposed to Ayotte’s speech a few days before the graduation, did everything end up going okay? I thought it was interesting that NEC was proud of her for standing up for her beliefs, but they were respectful of their choice too.

      • That is too funny! I was impressed when I saw her speak. Good for you and her! Congratulations to her! What a small world!

      • Hi Heidi, what a small world! I remember being impressed by her. Good for her, and you! Isn’t it great having a strong daughter? My daughter is a service manager at a truck dealer in Manchester. She is the first woman to get her CDL license there! Talk to you soon!

      • It’s amazing when our daughters can bring it on to the next generation! I still can’t believe we are fighting for equal pay. Dang I thought that was going to be over and done with in the 80’s.

        That is great that your daughter is doing what she loves.

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